We want to learn how Members view the Club, how and how often they wish to take part in our activities and events. PLEASE give us five minutes of your time to complete this survey. That way we hope to plan future activities more in line with your wishes. We won’t make a habit of these sureys but the answers to these questions may prompt a few follow-ups for clarification.

At the end you will be asked for your agreement for us to keep your name and email along with your answers so we can enlist your support when needed.

Welcome to your Member Survey 1

I think of The Winkle Club as:

I am willing and able to get involved with fund-raising activities

I am willing and able to get involved with running social events

I would probably attend occasional events of this nature (please tick all applicable)

How many social events each year are you likely to attend?

I would be happy to pay this much to attend Club social events (in £s, please)

How many days or part-days each year are you happy to devote to fund-raising, organising or running social events?

I can usually make myself available at the following times (please tick all that apply)

My favoured venue for Club social events would be:

Email address for contact on Club business

Thank you!

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