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The HASTINGS WINKLE CLUB  has made a substantial donation to the ‘Covid-19 Conquest Hospital Staff Well-being Appeal. The Appeal, organized by the Friends of the Conquest Hospital, seeks to provide extra support for those working at the Conquest during the current crisis.

Many hospital staff are working long and unsocial hours and the canteen and café are operating restricted hours while the crisis persists. As a result, it is often difficult for staff to reach shops especially those who are working late shifts.

The Appeal aims to provide food, drinks and snacks free and even grocery shopping for some staff unable to access shops. Other much needed items for hard pressed staff are foldaway beds, reclining chairs. Fridges, microwaves, kettles and toasters for instance.

The Friends of the Conquest wrote to the Hastings Winkle Club asking if there was any way in which they could help with the Appeal. Chairman of the Winkle Club, Christian Burton said ‘As soon as I received the letter from the Friends, I contacted the other Club Trustees via email and we all agreed that a substantial donation should be made. We all wanted to show our support in a practical way for our amazing NHS staff’ he said.

President of Hastings Winkle Club, Richard Stevens said ‘Our Club has as its stated aim and objective ‘to help local good causes’ and in these unprecedented times, nothing could be more appropriate than demonstrating in this practical way our enormous support and gratitude for the selfless service being given by our NHS staff and others within the caring environment. The Club is more than pleased to be able to respond to the Friends of the Conquest’s ‘ Staff well-being Appeal’ at this extremely difficult time for us all.’

The Winkle Club has also donated towards the Hastings Foodbank which is struggling to meet demand during the Covid-19.